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‘What if everything you’re going through right now is preparing you for a dream bigger than you can imagine?’

The Shed

About Us

In May 2017, husband and wife team, Bev and Richard Clegg opened The Shed, Laxey’s double award-winning artisan beachside eatery.

Committed to the Danish tradition of hygge, they’re experts at bringing the indoors out and keeping you cosy. This means that when you hang out at The Shed, you do so in style.

Think hot water bottles, beanbags, bunting and blankets. All alongside locally sourced artisan food, great coffee, The Shed’s acclaimed Creative Juices, and uninterrupted sea views.

Our History
Growing Businesses
Times Award Winning
The Shed Opened
  • 2013

    2013 - Never an intentional venture

    The Shed was never an intentional venture. Back in 2013, major surgery followed by a testing recovery, forced Bev to leave a career as a busy HR Director. With her self-confidence and motivation at an all-time low, she turned to juicing to boost her health. The results were outstanding. Within a couple of months her blood pressure had normalised, she had regained her mental clarity, and was able to reduce her medication.

  • 2015

    2015 - Creative Juices launched

    Down in the little summerhouse at the bottom of their garden – nicknamed Juicy Shedquarters, her own creative juices began to flow. Bev saw a business opportunity and in September 2015, Creative Juices was launched – all on a shoestring budget.

    Owning a business was a steep learning curve, but Bev and Richard had found a niche. Creative Juices turned a profit within three months, and in less than a year they needed a new commercial kitchen.

  • 2017

    2017 - The Shed Opened

    This was when they stumbled on the idea of using the run-down old deckchair store at the quieter end of Laxey prom. It needed work – and plenty of vision! But ‘The Shed’ was perfect – secluded, sheltered, and with stunning views.

    At first, when they took on the lease as a juice-making kitchen, they weren’t open to the public. Taking their lunch al fresco though, even all wrapped up in Winter, got them wondering – why was there no eatery on the Island that offered what this had to offer all year round? They therefore bought a coffee machine and the rest, so they say, is history.

    The business has evolved so much they now have brand-new, purpose-built kitchen premises further up the valley by the Laxey Woollen Mills.

  • 2020

    2020 - Little Shed Was Born

    In October 2020, Little Shed at the Glen was born. A cute and quirky eatery situated alongside the tram-tracks at Dhoon Glen on the Laxey-Ramsey coast road. Making their eateries destinations for you to fall in love with is what Bev and Richard value most.

  • 2004

    2004 - Seaside Café: top class!

    Back in 2004, feeling at a crossroads in her career, Bev had sat down with a life coaching friend who’d asked,

    ‘If anything was possible, if the sky was the limit, what would you do for a living?’

    Bev had taken a large sheet of paper and scribbled various ideas some of which were far-removed from her high-flying corporate career. She had marked only one as her favourite. Fast forward to 2018 and she came across that very sheet when digging through some old paperwork. Here’s her highlighted choice . . . ‘Seaside Café: top class!’